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             Providing web applications that are customized to fit your business needs.

  1. Any Single Web Application
  2. HelpDesk Application
  3. Support Within 24 Hours
  4. Hourly Rate Support
  1. Web Applications
  2. HelpDesk Application
  3. Support Within 2 Hours
  4. Support Included
  5. Email/Text Notifications
  6. Secure Management Access
  7. Custom Logos and Colors
  8. Company Reporting
  9. Application Upgrades
  10. Marketing

So what are Web Applications? Well, they are customized software to help run your company and
eliminate the paperwork and the risk of lost papers by automating routine tasks.Storing all of
that information securely to produce it later when needed in the form of reporting.

To date we have custom systems and the business types they are in below:
  1. Point of Sales (POS) - Food Truck Vendors
  2. Employee Time Keeping - Payday Loan Company
  3. Loan Application, Processing and Reminders - Payday Loan Company
  4. Competition Time Tracking & Reporting
  5. Customer Appointment, Waiver Sheet, and Photo Gallery - Tattoo Company
  6. Inventory and Storage Tracking - Self Storage Company (currently creating)

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